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Best In Soles is a company that prides itself on the ability to provide customers with exceptional customer service. They provide the Best Insoles and foot health products. The company website sells a wide range of products that includes items such as: Insoles, orthotics, shoes, socks, foot health, first aid, winter foot products, sandals, foot pain relief and more. They also sell items from top manufacturers such as Superfeet, Spenco and Lynco.
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Therawear is a business categorized under Women's, Children's, And Infants' Clothing and Accessories, which is part of the larger category Apparel, Piece Goods, And Notions. It is the leading online retailer of diabetic socks, running socks, support socks, compression hosiery and other healthy leg and foot products. It also offers socks for kids and travel. 
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Life Stride is the online store for LifeStride shoes. Life Stride sells ladies shoes in a variety of chic and sophisticated styles that are prefect for work, casual wear or a night out. At Life Stride, shoppers can find: Dress Shoes Sandals Casual Shoes Boots Pumps Slingbacks Women's Wide Calf Boots
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Plantar fasciitis or heel pain is a common foot problem. It can be extremely painful and can worsen over time if untreated. Treating this conditions is often attempted by the person suffering from this kind of pain. The first source of information and treatment advice is often found on the Internet. While some website provide appropriate and accurate information others falsely claim to have a solution.
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Happy Feet is a shoe store for men and women. They offer sandals, shoes, and clogs. They have brands such as Aetrex, Alpro, Birkenstock, Birki's, Dansco, Finn Comfort, Footprints, Joya, Kenkoh, Mephisto, Papillio, Taos, and Tatami. They also offer tips on the website such as Foot Ailments described, Foot Health and Aging, and 10 tips for healthy feet.
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Hush Puppies is a world-renowned brand offering contemporary footwear for men, women and children. For over fifty years, Hush Puppies have embodied the importance of relaxation and casual style, originally intended for young American families, through their lightweight, brushed-suede shoes. Among their quality products are: WOMEN HP1958 The Body Shoe Anna Sui for Hush Puppies Sandals Dress Casual Boots Traditional Comfort Soft Style® MEN HP1958 The Body Shoe S...
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Dr. Scholls Shoes are designed with advanced technology which makes your feet feel good Memory Fit Cushioning allows each shoe to absorb shock so that it gently bounces back when you are walking They supply men, women and children with footwear in the following categories: Sandals Boots Athletics Casuals
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I was diagnosed as having skin cancer, not once but twice in my lifetime. The word Cancer is not the best diagnosis anyone can get. I was scared. Many years later, I was diagnosed with another form of cancer. Tallking about being scared, this time I became frantic. I was sure that this time I would not be so lucky. This time, I thought, this cancer will kill me. I cried all night. In the morning I phoned the skin on to hear more.
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Summer is on. Summer brings out people for outdoor activities. Physical activities have much to do with feet. It is your feet that bear your weight and carry you everywhere. But when there is a pain in your foot, all your activities come to a standstill spoiling all your dreams. Alternative medical systems give more importance to the symptoms of feet.
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Therawear provides products to promote foot and leg health for men, women and children. There are a variety of compression products as well as accessories and health articles to benefit the consumer. The headquarters are located in Kansas City, Kansas. Product categories are: Support Hose Specialty Socks Seamless Socks for Kids Foot Care Sensitivity clothing Within each category, consumers can select specific brands and colors, or search by condition. Specific types of products inclu...
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When a cane is needed for a temporary or long term health issue there are many facts to consider which will be listed within this article. Some times a foot, ankle or leg make using a cane necessary for safety as well as healing.The important points to follow in order to use a cane successfully are explained here as well.
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Gout is actually a form of arthritis and is responsible for about 10 percent of all arthritis sufferers. Gout is caused by small crystals which form in the connective tissues and joints of the patient. Gout is most commonly found in the big toe but can also manifest itself in most other joints of the body like fingers, wrists, hands, elbows, knees, ankles and so on
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Achilles’ tendon is a cartilaginous cord located in rear of the calf muscles of an individual's legs that connects the calf to the heel. When the Achilles tendon is ruptured, it becomes difficult for a person to walk and there is usually a sharp pain in the area of the lower leg and ankle. In some cases’ surgery is required to repair the injured tendon, however, most people do not require surgery and can recover with some type of therapy.
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A simple ankle sprain can ruin a day of fun and force an individual into days of bed rest in order to properly heal their injury. However, if an ankle sprain is not properly taken care of than it can lead to further injuries and a worsened condition that may ultimately lead to surgery. Be sure to know what methods to take if an ankle sprain occurs regardless of the degree of the sprain.
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For most people suffering from chronic knee/joint pain, taking supplements of glucosamine and chondroitin do not help. Found naturally in the body, these two substances are known to lubricate the joints and provide elasticity, but ingested supplements are broken down during digestion with little remaining to effectively reach the afflicted joints.
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