Compulsory Footwear at Schools It Needs to Be Changed
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Compulsory Footwear at Schools It Needs to Be Changed

Why does compulsory footwear at schools need to be changed? Read this article to find out.

At most schools these days there is a compulsory uniform, usually including compulsory footwear. In the footwear part of school uniforms there is a summer option and a winter option. In most high schools the winter option is plain black, closed in school shoes. And the summer option is usually Roman sandals. This article will explain why the summer footwear option needs to be changed.

Roman Sandals look quite smart, which is why so many schools choose them. But the problem lies not in the looks area, but how good they are for your feet. If you look inside a pair of sports/school shoes, you'll see there is plenty of padding providing support for the foot. You can also see this in many types of sandals, but not Roman sandals. Roman sandals provide pretty much no support for the foot, and they even have a metal stud where the foot sits! How can that be good for your feet?

I'm not exactly a foot expert, but I’ve gotten a quote from my foot doctor about how bad Roman sandals are for your feet: "Not long ago I took apart a Roman sandal to see what was inside, and there was nothing! On the entire area where the foot rests there is a single layer of leather... and thats it. I have seen many kids that wear Roman sandals a lot get foot pains and sometimes other problems further up their legs."

So it becomes clear now that something needs to be done about the compulsory Roman Sandals in schools. There are two main options. The first is to change the regulation uniform and let students wear other types of sandals/footwear. The second option is for the manufactures of the Roman sandals to change how they make them so they are better for the customer’s feet. The first option is better for the manufactures (because they don’t need to do anything), and the second option is better for the schools (because they don’t have to change their regulation uniform).

Though how many students actually wear Roman Sandals instead of school shoes? Most guys don’t wear them because they look “girly” or “gay”. Which is actually good because the school shoes they wear instead are much better for their feet. But with girls its the other way around! They won’t wear school shoes because they look “ugly”, so they wear Roman Sandals all year round.

Its a growing problem, that sooner or later will have to be addressed to schools by qualified foot specialists. This is the only way they’ll listen and do anything about it. If you are concerned about this matter then by all means talk to your/your child’s school about it, or to the manufactures.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions please post them in the comment box below!

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