Facts About Common Foot Problems
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Facts About Common Foot Problems

We all suffer from some sort of foot problem from time to time, whether it be as simple as too many hours on your feet at work or as serious as bunions that need corrective surgery.

When they’re healthy and pain-free, they’re ignored and given little care or attention.  But when they start to hurt, it’s almost impossible to ignore them.  Each step can bring discomfort and irritating pain.  And although foot ailments are irritating and inconvenient, they’re not uncommon.

We all suffer from some sort of foot problem from time to time, whether it be as simple as too many hours on your feet at work or as serious as bunions that need corrective surgery.

Common foot problems include the following:

-          Corns and calluses.  These develop much like calluses on your hand when you overdo your yard work – from nonstop rubbing of the skin against a hard surface.  The skin on your feet (usually around bony areas of the foot) often rubs too much against your ill-fitting shoes, resulting in hard, thickened areas of skin made up of dead skin cells.  Calluses are usually flat and found on the bottom of the foot.  Corns are raised and are most often found on the toes.

-          Ingrown toenails are nuisances that develop when the corner of the toenail (usually on the big toe) grows into the neighboring skin.  The skin and surrounding tissue become swollen, read and tender.  Poor fitting shoes can trigger ingrown toenails.  Think comfort, not style, when buying a new pair of shoes.

-          Bunions are deformities of the joint of the big toe.  The joint of the toe seems to jut outward and rub against the shoe.  The tip of the big toe points in the other direction, which is towards the other toes.  There are some cases of bunions that are inherited.   However, bunions can also be caused by using shoes that are narrow or pointed in the toe area.

-          A hammertoe is often more of a cosmetic embarrassment than a painful problem.  A hammertoe is a toe that generally is longer than the others (often the second toe) and bends over in a claw-like manner.

-          Athlete’s foot is also known as “tinea pedis” and is actually caused by a ringworm infection.  The infection usually starts in the spaces between the outer three toes and occasionally spreads over the bottom of the whole foot.  The skin on the soles of the feet becomes thickened and scaly, and occasionally the toenails get infected and become thickened and distorted.

-          Smelly feet are really more of an embarrassment than a true problem.  Although some people simply inherited a tendency to have a strong body or foot odor, other cases of smelly feet might arise from socks that don’t absorb sweat or from shoes that don’t allow proper ventilation.  In other words, your feet get hot and sweaty, and some shoes and socks won’t let them “breathe” and cool off.

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Very important topic. It is really informative and useful. Thanks Aileen

well-written and informative. thanks for sharing.

Well done facts about foot problems.

Thanks, everyone. Please know that I always appreciate the support :)

Well written Aileen!

I find if I wear bad shoes my back gets sore. For sure it is good to not ignore foot problems.