How Obesity Can Hurt Your Feet
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How Obesity Can Hurt Your Feet

Obesity affects your feet.

Do you know someone who is obese?  Most of us know how obsesity can change a person's character.  Do you know how obesity can hurt an obese person's feet.  In order to understand things, we sometimes need to bring them to our own line of personal experience.  You will better understand how obesity hurts your feet if you can relate your own personal situations to that of an obese person.  Imagine how obesity changes a pregnant woman's feet and see if you can relate that to being obese for more than a few months but for years.

Ask any woman who was once pregnant and who went rapidly from 108 pounds to 158 pounds how the change in weight affected her feet. Chances are that she will tell you that her foot went from a size 6 to a size 10 in shoes. That change in shoe size was due to the increase in weight. What obesity does to the foot is to cause it spread since the foot is natural formed to support the body. The heavier you become, the more pressure you put on your feet to hold your weight. Besides getting bigger feet, you might also get fallen arches. If your weight continues to increase, you will soon have no foot arches at all. Those are real effects of obesity on your foot and the worst scenario is that you may soon not be able to walk at all if you become morbidly obese.

Other affects of obesity on your feet are found further up in the foot, the ankle. The ankle is responsible for a person's balance and walking ability. If your weight reaches the stage where there is undue pressure put on it, your ankle will practically disappear as fat tissues surround it. The pressure of those fat cells on your ankle will cause enormous pain which will also seriously impede your ability to walk or even to put on shoes. If you have ever noticed most seriously obese people choose to wear slippers and refuse to wear shoes. Aside from the fact that obesity can make it very hard for you to bend over and put your shoes on, your feet are in such pain from the ankle pressure and from the weight on your arches that closing them in with shoes becomes close to torture.

Obesity can cause other serious problems affecting the tendons in your legs. You can get swollen feet that might resemble gout but have no treatment options other than diet to get any relief.

Other affects of obesity on your feet can be the formation of fat pockets that look like round fatty white warts. The most serious affect of obesity on your feet aside from the pain and the change of foot structure is, of course, your slowly deteriorating foot bone and muscles from the aggravating intrusion of fat and sugar deposits that literally eat away at healthy bone and muscle leaving only swollen fat deposits in their wake.

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Comments (2)

People, need to remember that our feet carry and support our upper body weight, a daunting and sometime painful task...promoted

The info on feet is limited but fairly accurate.

But in the first paragraph you claim that besity causes a change in character?

How asanine. Do you even know the meaning of character? Apparently not.