Shoe Stretching For Entire Body Health
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Shoe Stretching For Entire Body Health

These facts can help the entire body health when shoe stretching is the remedy for the foot pain. Try these easy to follow instructions to see if shoe stretching restores your good health. There are times when the hips have severe pain due to the feet. The back can be a source of discomfort because of foot pain as well .

When the feet hurt, the legs, hips, back and sometimes even the head hurts. Pinching shoes might be due to slightly swollen lower extremities or other reasons that shoe stretching can remedy.

Some shoe material is more readily stretched better than others using these techniques which will be quickly apparent. Leather and soft vinyl shoe compositions respond well to stretching. Use on woman and men's shoes with good success.

Ice is known to expand from the original water form, which is used in shoe stretching so comfort will again be enjoyed while wearing shoes. Shoe stretching techniques can easily be done at home without expensive costs.

Prepare for shoe stretching

1. Use only quality freezer Ziploc strong bags.

2. Fill two bags half full of tap water

3. Remove all air out of the bag before closing.

This is done by gently and very carefully folding the 1/2 filled bag in half before sealing.

You can also leave a slight opening and suck the air out by inhaling into the bag and then immediately seal the bag.

4. Check for leaks in the bags. This can be done by drying the outside of the Ziploc bags. Let them sit on a new piece of paper towel. After five minutes if the towel is dry, you know your Ziploc bags are secure.

5. Place the half filled Ziploc bag into the shoe. Snugly and gently push the bag in problem areas of the shoe. Since the bags are closed and dry they can be shaken down into the toe of the shoe. 

6. Put the shoes in the freezer. The shoes can be placed in an old pillowcase, covered with clean cloths or put in without any covering at all. If a covering is used, make sure they are thawed before trying to remove from shoes.

7. Let the shoe remain in the freezer overnight.

After Shoe stretching technique

1. Allow the shoes to thaw before taking the bags out of the shoes. Then Ziploc bags should be semi thawed

 before removing them from the shoes.

2. Evaluate the shoe stretching when the shoes are fully thawed.

3. Try on shoes to see if they are improved for your better health.

4. Repeat the process if necessary.

5. Use more than one Ziploc bag for improved results to stretch entire shoe if needed.

These simple instructions will determine if the shoe stretching has improved health by eliminating the pinched shoes on the feet perhaps in hours.

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This is a clever an innovative idea to stretch shoes. I will have to try it.

I will use this.

Very clever. I'll use this too! v'd, tt'd, SU, dugg

Nice tips.I am going to apply them for me.Thanks.

very helpful tips, thanks