Smelly Feet: How to Get Rid of Foot Odor?
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Smelly Feet: How to Get Rid of Foot Odor?

Do you have smelly feet? Is your foot odor forcing others to tell you not to remove your shoes? In this article, you will learn how to get rid of the embarrassing problem of foot odor.

Foot odor can cause much embarrassment. Knowing the cause of offensive odor can help get rid of that unpleasant odor. Naturally occurring bacteria thrives in dark and damp conditions and this causes foot odor in the sweaty areas between socks and shoes.

Excessive sweating is not the only cause of foot odor. Diet, medication, hormones, genetics and hygiene are other factors that cause foot odor. If your feet have extremely foul smell, it might be due to excessive sweating or bromhidrosis. Bacterial and fungal infection or mere zinc deficiency can lead to foot odor.

Wash your feet: Washing feet with an antibacterial soap can reduce bacteria thriving on the skin. Soak the feet in warm water with boiled tea extract. The tannin in tea has antibacterial effect and it is a strong odor neutralizer. The same trick can be done with apple cider vinegar, lemon or drops of tea tree oil in warm water.

Ventilate your shoes: Shoes made of synthetic material and nylon socks can aggravate food odor as they do not allow foot to breathe as natural material. If you are someone using shoes for long hours, consider using canvas or leather shoes that allows your feet to breathe. Certain commercial shoe inserts and cedar shoe inserts can freshen up your shoes. If you are not having an insert, simply crush an old newspaper and use as an insert.

Switch to cotton socks: Wearing cotton socks helps feet to breathe easier and it prevents foot odor. Anti-perspiring lotions and baby talc are also excellent to avoid smelly feet. Foot powder, foot spray or foot creams are all available today and it is best to use them every morning.

Check for Zinc deficiency: Zinc deficiency also causes foot odor. Exactly how zinc deficiency causes foot odor is unknown. Taking zinc supplements or zinc rich food can eliminate foot odor. Dry and scaly skin is a sign of zinc deficiency and it is best to consider taking zinc rich foods, if that seems a possibility.

Be diet smart: Some foods can be problematic and it can cause foot odor. Onion and garlic are two such food items. Some other food stuffs can cause excessive sweating. Caffeine in coffee, tea and soda can stimulate the sympathetic nervous system and cause your feet to sweat more profusely.

Go barefoot whenever possible. Wash your shoes whenever possible and dry thoroughly. Dry your shoes and socks in the sunlight, which can kill bacteria that lingers on. If you are unable to spot the real cause of foot odor, it is best to consult a podiatrist. Stop fretting over the problem of foot odor as there are multiple ways to eliminate that nasty foot odor.

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Comments (7)

I use Silver Linings shoe inserts which help to absorb odor and sweat. They claim to use a silver technology to fight bacteria, and it seems to work.

Pretty sensitive topic...nonetheless, very nicely done! Voted

Hi Nisha, I am Paulose from India, now in US. I always appreciate your writings. Voted up this. Hope to avail your friendship. Ever grateful for your support.

Hi Paulose, Good to know you. Are u from Kerala? Good to know that you like my writings. I'll be reading more of your writings to know more.

Nice share. I find that a foot bath with baking soda helps..voted

I think being a runner you are going to have smelly feet. I run 10 miles every weekend and when i take off my shoes I want to run away from them as fast as possible. I treid every product but most of them just masked or hid the odors. I found this product in running times magizine called odorklenz sports foot powder and started using it and love the results, It kills the odor and actually prevents them from coming. if anyone needs a great product here is the link

sorry forgot to mention that I voted and here is the correct link for odorklenz sports foot odor eliminator